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Leg 7 - An Evening Under the Floodlights at Kempton Park

As the sun set on the rolling hills of Plumpton, East Sussex, I embarked on the next leg of my journey, venturing towards the illuminated track of Kempton Park for an evening card under the floodlights.

Navigating the M23 and M25, I found myself at Kempton Park with time to spare, allowing for a leisurely stroll around the course. Kempton holds a special place in my heart, its proximity to my childhood home making it a familiar and nostalgic setting.

The authorities at The Jockey Club, the owners of Kempton Park, told me, due to their charity partnerships, that I was not allowed to bucket collect. I was a little disappointed with this as there was certainly no charities there, in fact there was hardly any people there at all. If ever there was evidence that some of these floodlit evening meetings are put on for the gambling companies and betting shops benefit this was it.

I had friends join me, so I was not sat there twiddling my thumbs, and it was great to see Derek and Jen who stuck it out to the bitter end. They have also allow to stay with them at their lovely home for a couple of nights which has given me some time to tidy up my suitcase as I have been living out of it for over a week and my smelly socks were getting mixed up with my clean pants

The highlight of being there was an interview by Racing TV that was broadcast over the airwaves, which resulted in some donations coming through so I am grateful to them. I just need to get in front of the cameras at Sky Sports Racing and ITV Racing now, which may be more of a challenge.

Please click this link to watch the video:

It was great to see the members of the Pompey Ventures syndicate have a winner with Oliver Show who I managed to speak to and they kindly gave some cash for the challenge. I managed to scrape together £90.20 of donations last night despite the restrictions so that was half decent, bearing in mind that the TV interview caused some generous people to go online to donate.

A day off on Tuesday before heading to the home of NH racing, with a visit to Cheltenham on Wednesday.

Thank you for reading - please share as it all helps the cause and of course Dementia UK Please feel free to donate here: Graham Arnold

16th April 2024

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